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Public Information (Series 300)
This series credits programs that advise people about the flood hazard, flood insurance, and ways to reduce flood damage.

Activity 310 Elevation Certificates
Activity 320 Map Information Service
Activity 330 Outreach Projects
Activity 340 Hazard Disclosure
Activity 350 Flood Protection Information
Activity 360 Flood Protection Assistance
Activity 370 Flood Insurance Promotion

Mapping and Regulations (Series 400)
This series credits programs that provide increased protection to new development.

Activity 410 Floodplain Mapping
Activity 420 Open Space Preservation
Activity 430 Higher Regulatory Standards
Activity 440 Flood Data Maintenance
Activity 450 Stormwater Management

Flood Damage Reduction (Series 500)
This series credits programs that reduce flood damage to existing buildings.

Activity 510 Floodplain Management Planning
Activity 520 Acquisition and Relocation
Activity 530 Flood Protection
Activity 540 Drainage System Maintenance

Warning and Response (Series 600)
This series credits flood warning and response programs.

Activity 610 Flood Warning and Response
Activity 620 Levees
Activity 630 Dams

How are you making your community FloodSmart?

Making Your Community Floodsmart

We are always looking to hear from individuals, communities, and organizations. Tell us what you are doing to prepare your community for flooding so that we can share your story with others.

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