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CRS Classes, Credit Points, and Premium Reductions

The qualifying community total points, CRS Classes, and flood insurance premium reductions are shown in the table below.

CRS Class Credit Points (cT) Premiuim Reduction
Inside SFHA Outside SFHA
1 4,500+ 45% 10%
2 4,000-4,499 40% 10%
3 3,500-3,999 35% 10%
4 3,000-3,499 30% 10%
5 2,500-2,999 25% 10%
6 2,000-2,499 20% 10%
7 1,500-1,999 15% 5%
8 1,000-1,499M 10% 5%
9 500-999 5% 5%
10 0-499 0 0
SFHA: Zones A, AE, A1-A30, V, V1-V30, AO, and AH
Outside the SFHA: Zones X, B, C, A99, AR, and D
Preferred Risk Policies (PRPs) are not eligible for CRS premium reductions because they already have premiums lower than other policies. PRPs are available only in B, C, and X Zones for properties that are shown to have a moderate- to low-risk of flood damage. Minus-rated policies are not eligible for CRS premium reductions.
Premium reductions are subject to change.


The insurance premium reduction is based on whether a property is in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). The premium reduction for properties in an SFHA increases according to the community's CRS Class. A community's classification is based on the total number of credit points it earns.

The premium reduction for properties outside the SFHA is lower for Class 1-8 communities because premiums in these areas are already relatively low and can be reduced further through the Preferred Risk Policy. Also, most activities to qualify for those CRS Classes are implemented only in the floodplain. Because areas designated as A99 and AR Zones already receive an insurance premium reduction, these zones get the same premium reduction as non-SFHA areas.

How are you making your community FloodSmart?

Making Your Community Floodsmart

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