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Partner Resources

Help Others Get Floodsmart

You can help Americans reduce the devastating effects of flooding. Encourage others to get FloodSmart by knowing their flood risk and how they can help keep their home, businesses, and finances secure.

Being FloodSmart can make the difference in helping Americans rebuild their
lives after a flood.

Get Started

Here are five easy ways to partner with FloodSmart:

  1. Encourage others to understand their flood risk and talk with an agent or
    find one at
  2. Showcase your FloodSmarts—add FloodSmart tools and resources to your website.
  3. Share flood risk messages via Facebook, Twitter, and your other social networks.
  4. Identify ways to make your community aware of flood risks in your area.
  5. Share your success stories with us at

The FloodSmart campaign, a marketing and education initiative from the National Flood Insurance Program, encourages individuals and business owners to better understand their flood risk and connects them to flood insurance specialists to explore their flood insurance options.

How are you making your community FloodSmart?

Making Your Community Floodsmart

We are always looking to hear from individuals, communities, and organizations. Tell us what you are doing to prepare your community for flooding so that we can share your story with others.

Share Your Story

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