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What Is the Grandfathering Rule? - Flood Insurance | Flood ...

OCOBER 2013 NFIP Grandfathering Rules Know the Options To reflect current flood risks, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is updating the nations Flood ...

Grandfathering | Flood Insurance | Flood Map | FloodSmart

Flood insurance grandfathering by flood risk and flood zone on flood maps can help you save money while protecting your home.

Some will find that their building is mapped into a high-risk flood zone ... Rating using the Grandfather Rule: ?


NFIP MAP & ZONE GRANDFATHER RULES What is the Grandfather Rule? A community will occasionally make structural improvements (dams, levees, etc.) to reduce the potential

Map Changes and Flood Insurance | Flood Risk | Flood Maps ...

Flood risk and flood insurance premiums from flood map changes can protect your ... Discover how the Grandfather Rule and the Preferred Risk Policy Eligibility ...


NFIP Grandfather Rules. Information for Insurance Agents. V042611. Title: dafgsdfgsdfgsdfgdf Author: Lisa Glassberg Last modified by: IT Created Date: 9/13/2011 4:35 ... FAQS - Does this replace grandfathering?

Does this replace grandfathering? Pre-and Post-FIRM buildings mapped into a high-risk area after October 1, 2008 will be eligible for the grandfather rules after the ...

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Under this grandfather rule, the property owner must provide proper documentation to the insurance company.


These options include grandfather rating and the Preferred Risk ... advantage of rating options such as the PRP Eligibility Extension and the grandfather rule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Under this Grandfather rule, the property owner must provide proper documentation to the insurance company.

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