Types of flood insurance

With flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), there’s no need to shop around for the lowest rate.

The NFIP partners with more than 50 insurance companies and thousands of independent agents across the country to offer the same affordable NFIP rates and crucial insurance coverage.

No matter what insurance provider you use or what state you live in, you will get the coverage you need at a rate you can trust.

Get the coverage that’s right for you.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or renter, the NFIP offers flood insurance coverage to help you protect the life you’ve built. Work with your insurance agent to learn more about coverage amounts, deductibles, and policy costs.

Which of the following best describes you?

If you own your home – including condominiums and townhouses – the NFIP offers flood insurance policies to cover your home’s structure and belongings.

If you’re a business owner, the NFIP offers commercial flood insurance policies to help protect your business’s structure and equipment.

If you’re a renter, the NFIP offers affordable, renters flood insurance to protect the things you care about in the event of a flood. Ask your landlord to be sure he/she has coverage for your building.

  • What’s covered: Your furniture, clothes, television, computers, rugs, artwork, and more.
  • Coverage limits: $100,000 for contents-only coverage. Starting policy costs: $99/year
  • Live outside of the high-risk flood zone? Ask your agent about discounted flood insurance rates.