What to do if you’re experiencing an increase in flood risk.

an arror from moderate-to-low-risk to high-risk

If you’re experiencing an increase in flood risk – moving from the moderate- to low-risk flood area to the high-risk flood area – you may be required to have flood insurance if you have a government-backed mortgage.

If you don’t carry a mortgage, you should still protect your investment with flood insurance due to the increased risk.

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Contact your insurance agent to find the lowest-cost coverage for your property.

You may be eligible for flood insurance cost-savings.

To save money on flood insurance while protecting your investment, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers a lower-cost flood insurance option known as the Newly Mapped Procedure.

Resources for building requirements in high-risk areas

For individuals looking for detailed information on building requirement in high-risk areas, like foundation openings, floodproofing, and break away walls, the NFIP issues technical bulletins on key topics annually.

Learn more about the NFIP’s Technical Bulletins and get the latest building information.