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Flood Outreach Toolkit National Flood Insurance Program
What You Need to Know about Flooding & Flood Insurance
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As a leader in public information response to emergency situations, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has developed this valuable tool designed to assist your efforts to educate and inform communities about the importance of flood insurance coverage.

The toolkit provides resources to help the audiences you connect with on a regular basis—community members and the media—understand the importance of flood preparedness and protection. The materials are also designed to support your outreach to victims of flood disasters. The materials on this CD include core messages and information about flood insurance that can be used in most areas of the country.

The suite of materials includes fact sheets, brochures and talking points that are indicated as either 1) resource material for you or 2) outreach materials for distribution to the public and the media. Click the links to the right to access the documents for each topic.

With your help, we can educate consumers about their flood risk, how they can protect their property and how to get flood insurance. We will announce other resources as they become available.

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Materials for You spacer Materials for the Public
After a Flood Disaster
  1. Flood Insurance 101
    PDF (316KB)
  2. Flood Maps
    PDF (321KB)
  3. Increased Cost of Compliance
    Word Doc (197KB)
    PDF (1.02MB)
  4. After the Flood
    PDF (312KB)
    text only version (7.5KB)

  1. After the Flood
    PDF (56KB)
    text only version (4KB)
  2. NFIP Flood Insurance Claims Handbook
  3. NFIP Summary of Coverage
Flood Insurance 101
  1. FloodSmart Campaign
    PDF (352KB)
    text only version (4KB)
  2. Flood Insurance: How It Works
    PDF (412KB)
  3. Flood Facts: Flood Risks Across the Country
    PDF (120KB)
    text only version (6KB)
  4. Facts and Figures
    PDF (276KB)
  5. Answers to Tough Questions
    PDF (343KB)
  6. Flood Insurance Basics Presentation for Residential Consumers
    PPTX (41.5MB)
  7. Flood Insurance Basics Presentation for Business Owners
    PPTX (5.8MB)
  8. Flood Insurance Basics Presentations for Real Estate Agents
    PPTX (42.4MB)
  9. Flood Insurance Basics Presentation for Insurance Agents
    PPTX (4.9MB)
  1. NFIP Summary of Coverage
  2. Consumer Brochure: Why You Need Flood Insurance
    PDF (1.79MB)
  3. Consumer Brochure: Flood Preparation and Safety
    PDF (8.92MB)
  4. Contents Only Coverage
    PDF (342KB)
  5. Residential Preferred Risk Policy
    PDF (151KB)
  6. Commercial Preferred Risk Policy
    PDF (230KB)
References and Resources
  1. NFIP Key Contact Sheet
    PDF (307KB)
  2. Seasonal & Regional fact sheets
  • Hurricane Season Fact Sheet
    PDF (409KB)
  • Winter Flooding
    PDF (405.8KB)
  • West Coast Rainy Season
    PDF (426KB)
    text only version (3.2KB)
  1. Media Resource:
    Word Doc (493KB)
    PDF (637KB)
  2. NFIP Resources: Data and Statistics
    PDF (333KB)
  3. FloodSmart Tools and Resources for Floodplain Managers
    PDF (1.5MB)
  4. FloodSmart Tools and Resources for Emergency Managers
    PDF (1.5MB)
  5. FloodSmart Tools and Resources for Stakeholders
    PDF (1.6MB)
  6. FloodSmart Tools and Resources for Property Owners
    PDF (1.7MB)
  7. Hazard Mitigation
    PDF (2.7MB)
  8. Flood Risk - Dam
    PDF (288KB)
  9. Flood Risk - El Niño
    PDF (316KB)
    Spanish version (300KB)
  10. Flood Risk - Heavy Rains
    PDF (395KB)
  11. Flood Risk - New Development
    PDF (308KB)
  12. Flood After Fire Fact Sheet
    PDF (409KB)
  13. Flood Insurance & Flood Maps
    PDF (393KB)
  14. Preparedness Checklist For Homeowners And Renters
    PDF (632KB)
  15. Preparedness Checklist For Business Owners
    PDF (350KB)
  1. Levee Information