Situation #1
Levees are De-accredited
Groups to Reach

Communication Lessens Concern
When property owners learn that the levees they have relied on may no longer meet federal flood protection standards, they are understandably concerned. They will have questions about safety, what is being done to improve the situation and how flood insurance requirements will change. The best approach is to address their concerns as quickly and forthrightly as possible. This section provides fact sheets and other materials to help you reach out to residents and business owners and a range of professional groups.

Savings on Flood Insurance
Levee protection always comes with risk. You can help people in your area lessen the devastating consequences of a flood. Encourage them to purchase flood insurance and take other flood protection measures. Until new flood hazard maps become effective, many people will be able to obtain low-cost flood insurance. And having a policy already in place can also mean savings once the new maps are adopted.