Situation #1
Insurance Professionals

Early and often: Communication is key
When a levee can no longer meet federal standards for protection, property owners understandably become concerned. When they learn they will need to purchase flood insurance, concerns multiply. Knowledgeable insurance agents can play a major role in lessening anxiety. To do so, agents must know what is happening, whom it will affect and their role in the process well before new maps go into effect.

Communicating with insurance agents
The first step is to notify local agents of the upcoming change and what it will mean for some property owners. You may also want to work with National Flood Insurance Program trainers to make sure there is a training event in your area. You can notify agents of training dates and times by mail, through trade newsletter announcements and at local meetings. Information about the National Flood Insurance Program training schedule for agents is located online.

The materials in this section will help remind agents of the increased flood risk near levees, the range of flood insurance options and the benefits of purchasing flood insurance before new maps take effect. Detailed information about levees and map changes is also available on the FEMA Web site.