Situation #3

Make the media an ally
When a levee receives a Provisionally Accredited Levee designation and the new flood hazard map carries a recommendation to purchase flood insurance, the media and the public pay attention to the news. Reporters will want to know what the change means for residents and business owners, and will ask questions about public safety and property values. They will also ask about what is being done to make sure levees do eventually meet federal flood protection standards. Your local media can be your ally or your enemy in your outreach and education efforts. Make them your ally by always keeping them informed.

Communication makes all the difference
By establishing relationships with your local media early, you will have a conduit to communicate important information in a timely, accurate fashion. The materials in this section offer information that will get the right message out to the media, and in turn to the public. The topics include flood risks near levees and the flood insurance implications.