Situation #2
Lenders and Real Estate Agents

Lenders and real estate agents
Real estate agents are a trusted source of information when property owners make what is usually their largest financial investment, purchasing a home or business. Real estate agents must have all of the details about a property when working with their customers. Lenders also need to be made aware of the changes taking place and how they can affect new home and business loans. Both groups will need to be kept up-to-date about how the changes to levees affect the flood insurance requirements for local properties, particularly when many property owners will be released from the federal flood insurance requirements.

Keep deals on track
The materials in this section will help lenders and real estate agents understand the flood risk that comes with all levees and how these risks can affect their customers. They also provide information about the full range of flood insurance options, including low-cost Preferred Risk Policies for which many of their customers may soon qualify.