Situation #2
Levees are newly accredited
Groups to Reach

Preplan for a smooth process
When levees are constructed or improved to meet or exceed National Flood Insurance Program standards, the news is good:  lower flood risk, lower flood insurance premiums and the completion of a complex project. But the actual levee improvements are just part of the process. Property owners need to know how the changes in flood risk affect them. Professional groups need to know the timeline for changes and how to help. Successful outreach can take several months and involve all the groups listed on the right. Select an audience to find ideas and materials for reaching them. See the sample Sacramento, California Outreach Materials for an example of effective outreach.

Flood insurance: Still a good idea
When levees are accredited, flood risk is reduced, but not removed. Help your property owners lessen the devastating consequences of a flood by encouraging them to maintain flood insurance policies. Keep insurance agents and other stakeholders informed as well so they are able to provide counsel and help property owners stay protected.