Situation #2
Insurance Professionals

Insurance agents are crucial
When property owners have questions about flood insurance, they can - and should - contact their insurance agents. Agents keep property owners protected by helping them with changes to flood insurance requirements, assessing coverage options and encouraging conversion to a low-cost Preferred Risk Policy. However, agents will be fully effective only if they know what is happening ahead of time.

Communicating with insurance professionals
The first step is to notify local insurance agents of the upcoming change. You may also want to work with National Flood Insurance Program trainers to arrange for a training event in your area. If one has already been set up, you can notify agents of the date and time.

The materials in this section will help remind agents of the continuing flood risk near levees and the range of flood insurance options available. They also include important information about low-cost Preferred Risk Policies that will be available to most clients for whom flood insurance now is a choice rather than a requirement.